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About Noodle Girl

Hang Truong, the Noodle Girl herself, has a deep connection with the noodles and soups of her native country. Growing up in the South of Vietnam, Hang began working in her mother’s noodle shop when she was just ten years old. Each morning was focused on serving noodles and Hang painstakingly learned the art of creating appetizing noodle dishes.


At twenty years old, she left her mothers restaurant to go to school and moved to the United States.Her nostalgic memories of her mother's cooking, her passion for creating dishes from fresh ingredients and her deep roots to Vietnam inspired her to start Noodle Girl in the Bay Area in 2016.

Hang, her story, and her recipes have been featured in numerous publications including the highly anticipated La Cocina cookbook, "We Are La Cocina - Recipes in Pursuit of the American Dream." 


Luca moved to the US in 2002 from Milan, Italy and pursued a career as a Food and Beverage Manager/Sommelier in the hospitality industry.


In 2010, he joined Starwood Hotel & Resorts with the St. Regis Hotel in Puerto Rico and transferred in 2017 to The St. Regis Hotel in San Francisco.


Luca joined the Noodle Girl team in 2019 as the Operations Manager. He is customer service driven and passionate in his role, helping maintain business operations at Noodle Girl.


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Vietnamese Crispy Corn was one of Chef Hang's favorite snacks growing up in South Vietnam. During the Vietnam war, her uncle grew maize, as it was the cheapest food people could afford at that time. Chef Hang's mother developed this same crispy corn recipe, that is fried and then tossed in a mixture of chili, salt, and sugar, in our San Francisco kitchen today.

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From the Press


"She packs her broth with extra spices like cinnamon, cloves, star anise and cardamom, along with the traditional ginger, shallots and garlic...simmers the broth for 18 hours and then tops it over flat noodles that are layered on top by several beef slices and other ingredients and especially Thai basil, which she said gives the soup a unique flavor."


"The result is a rich, hearty, flavorful broth. The dish boasts a complex flavor profile with a wide range of ingredients, from thai basil, with its licorice-like taste, to fish sauce."


"When Hang Truong's husband passed away two years after she moved to San Francisco, she suddenly found herself in need of a way to support herself and her young daughter in the most expensive city in America. As a Vietnamese immigrant with some culinary training, Truong thought she might start a restaurant. But she was scared: “I didn’t grow up here, so there’s a lot I don’t know [about business], plus there’s the language barrier.”

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